What does Motochef have to do with Two Wheels Empire?

The answer is quite simple - it's one and the same!

Let me tell you the story of how Motochef turned into Two Wheels Empire. First, Fredrik and I (Matt) started Motochef back in 2016. The Swedish brand got its name by joking about two types of people in this world: The cooks, and the Chefs: Cooks use a recipe, and Chefs are the ones who make them! So our goal was to make exciting, affordable and good looking bikes for the European roads, so we started strong - in the first year we assembled the team and launched 6 bikes (1 every 2 months). The schedule was tight, but the team pulled it off - after all, they are all professionals who have been building bikes for years now! The main difference that we insisted on working as a team was to raise the bar of quality on builds - no shortcuts, no walk-arounds... The objective is to bring builds to life that we are all proud of. 

Since the first year was a success, we've went ahead to build an eshop to offer motorcycle riders around the world hand-selected riding apparel: helmets, riding boots, Pando Moto jeans, accessories and even custom motorcycle parts that we use ourselves on the custom motorcycles!

So the next logical step for us was to rebrand into Two Wheels Empire - since we now have it all, and we are striving to expand by building a workshop, shop and even a bar under one roof. This is where we are headed at with Two Wheels Empire now. 

Cafe-racers, scramblers, trackers, bobbers and all sorts of custom bikes are what we enjoy customising, building and riding. Since we are all internationals here, we want to spread the good vibes across the country boarders, so customers from Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK are already enjoying our rides! And even more customers enjoy our hand-selected motorcycle clothing and custom parts. Join the family and get on rolling!

Since Fredrik is the brain of the organisation and the man behind the scenes (these types rarely like to talk of themselves, agree?) -  I will tell you my story about how I got to be the founder of Two Wheels Empire.

In short, I'm a petrolhead since I was 14 - that's now more than half of my life (i'm 31 at the time of writing). I’ve been busy fixing, riding, selling, drooling over and owning various bikes, makes, models, types and styles of motorcycles. When I look back at my life now - it all makes sense now and all of the experiences have been leading me to this point. I'm now where I belong! 

Dozens bikes owned, plenty more customized, hundreds ridden and only one crashed! Tons of gasoline burnt, thousands of kilometers rode (and quire a few up on one wheel though!)

Motorcycles are in my family roots for 3 generations now - my father was a motocross racer, and my grandpa rode a police bike in the former Soviet Union!

14 years ahead in my career, I've founded two motorcycles related businesses: a digital marketing agency in motorcycle industry TwoWheelsMedia.com and a  shop), raced Enduro and Supermoto, worked as a journalist at a motorcycle magazine , organized Baltic states Supermoto championship and ran from the cops more times than enough (Grandpa would not approve). But besides always checking myself in new industries, motorcycles and builds ran parallel. 

What the future holds is unknown, but an Empire is set on sight...