Power Booster Chip for the Surron Light Bee

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A power boosting chip that allows for more power, bypassing protective features on the Surron Light Bee controller. Plug in the battery communication line to increase the power of the Light Bee X original controller, power can reach more than 6000W. Improve hill-climbing performance and top speed in the most cost-effective way.

In wired mode, unplug the square communication cable on the original battery, and insert the male and female pairs into power boosting chip.

-Not Applicable-
Light Bee S models; Light Bee X old models (2021 years ago);
Original 60V38.5A battery; original 48V battery, not applicable.

The package diagram attached is a reference table for the motor power of different batteries.
Taking the original 6032 as an example, in the past, the full power was about 5449W, and after installing the companion, the power was about 6255W and increased by about 800W. The somatosensory power is increased by about 25%, the power is easy to lift, the off-road uphill is full of power, and the control and feel of the original control are retained. A 66V battery can bring even more boost.

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