MTB HOPPER Coach Double Bridge

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Double bridge is a training kit consisting of 2 Coach ramps and 2 Extensions. It is perfect for beginner riders who are only getting to know the jumping technique. This kit is designed to safely master the jumping technique and learning it in a correct manner. It also helps beginners to overcome the squat force.

The additional Extension not only lengthens the structure but also reshapes its geometry. Double Bridge creates imitates a pump track segment. This allows you to perform pump track exercises and make the jumps at a higher speed.

You can use all the bundle parts together or separately and create yourself a perfect training ground to grow your skillset way faster than you would on the field. This kit is created to make daily riding sessions possible in your own backyard.

It is recommended to use on a flat surface (meadow, square) rather than uneven terrain. The Product contains two Coach ramps and two Coach Extensions.

Technical data

  • Assembly: 14 min
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Ready to use dimensions: 740 (height) x 730 (widh) x 4000 (length) mm
  • Briefcase dimensions: 520 x 730 x 120 mm - 2 units (Coach ramp), 540 x 730 x 70 mm - 2 units (Extension)
  • Product weight: 36,5 kg

Packaging data

  • Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging): 520 x 730 x 120 mm - 2 units (Coach ramp), 540 x 730 x 70 mm - 2 units (Extension)
  • Product weight (+ packaging): 39 kg

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