BikeSpeed RS Tuning Kit for TQ Flyon Haibike 2019 - 2022

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BikeSpeed - RS Tuning Kit Compatible with FlyOn TQ Haibike 2019-2022 
Optional with Skybeamer 300 and now also with Skybeamer 5000!

Product Features

BikeSpeed - RS is a revolutionary tuning kit which suppresses the speed limiter of your e-bike and your e-bike can be made significantly faster. This tuning kit removes the limitation of the engine support at 16mph (25 kph) - and makes unlimited speeds possible. Thats means the terminal velocity is only limited by the power of the drive and the muscular strength invested. 

After the chip is installed, your e-bike’s display will show real speed on the speedometer, as well as, such as average and maximum speed display, range calculation etc. the existing support levels and starting profiles remain unchanged.

In order to make your e-bike faster with the Bikespeed-RS, a light activation is not necessary and you may also use the tuning if a battery-powered light system is already installed on your bike.

The installation of the tuning was designed as simple as possible.
You will find detailed information on installation and operation for your e-bike model in our illustrated installation instructions below.

Activation -The activation of the speed limit can be switched via a key sequence on the display or handlebar control panel. The tuning calibrates itself automatically to your pedelec when you switch on. The motor, the display and the tire size are recognized automatically. 

Which BikeSpeed - RS Tuning Kit do I need?

This tuning kit is compatible with all Flyon from Haibike

Year Motor Display Battery Software release
of the bike
2019 to 2022

Haibike HPR 120S up to V 1.5.137

Optional with Skybeamer 300 and now also with Skybeamer 5000

Haibike HMI & System Control up to V 1.84.2 up to V 1.22.71



With the BikeSpeed - RSc Tuning Kit you not only have the possibility to make your e-bike faster, but also to configure your own personal settings, so that you or your tuning are protected from prying eyes at all times.

You can decide for yourself if and when the tuning should show its status via an animation of the battery display, with which key combination it can be switched on and off and how your tuning behaves after switching on your bike.


Assembly is easy, you just need to remove the cover from the motor and connect Tuning kit by the original connectors. You will need a basic toolkit, some bikes may require a crank puller.

When you will receive a Tuning kit, you will find a full manual how to install it. If you will need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Please note the usage of modified eBikes on public roads may be against the law in some countries, BikeSpeed products are only to be used on private property. Using the BikeSpeed - RS tuning kit may result in the loss of warranty for your eBike

BikeSpeed - RS Products are thoroughly tested and we stand by their quality. 

If You have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Thank you for looking!
Two Wheels Empire Team

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