BLIZ Active Matrix Small Matt Black Nano Optics Nordic Light M13

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Matrix Small is made from Grilamid TR90. This is a high performance, light weight material – Matrix Small only weighs 34 grams – with unbeatable flexibility. Wearing the glasses, you get an equally comfortable experience in the scorching heat or the freezing cold, thanks to the high-tech material.

Adjustment possibilities
With Matrix Small you are always ready for the next challenge. Adjust the temple tips for optimal comfort, and keep the glasses in place with an adjustable nose piece. The lens is easily switched if you want, other filter categories and performance lens colors can be purchased separately. 

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Lens properties.
Matrix Small Nano Optics Nordic Light is equipped with a Nordic Light™ lens. This high-tech lens is made from X-PC which significantly enhances the contrast and colors, giving you clear and crisp vision in conditions of poor visibility such as flat light. The lens filters out the blurry colors between the blue and green, and the green and red wave lengths. These parts of the color spectrum are blocked by the Nordic Light lens, giving you a considerably sharper visual acuity with better contrast even in the toughest weather conditions. The X.PC lens has complete UV-protection, minimal distortion, integrated anti-fog, anti-scratch, and stellar hydrophobic properties.
General properties
Matrix Small is the model where performance and attitude compete for first prize. It is a unisex model made for smaller faces. With Matrix Small, you can take on any challenge with total confidence. Adjust the glasses to find the perfect fit and trust in the fantastic properties and ventilation of the lens. Matrix Small Nano Optics Nordic Light gives you several things: outstanding comfort, fantastic vision even in conditions of poor visibility, minimal distortion and world class anti-fog properties. 

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