VOLspeed Giant Syncdrive Pro2 V4

Derestrict your e-bike for unlimited speeds!


One of the best choices to derestrict Giant Syncdrive Pro 2 drive system from model year 2022 with the diplays GO+, Plus and EVO-SG, as well as the Ergo 3 control unit.

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VOLspeed V4 Tuning Kit Compatible with all Giant Syncdrive Pro 2 2022

Product Features

Tuning module for fixed installation in e-bikes with Giant Syncdrive Pro 2 drive system from model year 2022 with the diplays GO+, Plus and EVO-SG, as well as the Ergo 3 control unit.

The device is installed invisibly on the motor from the outside. No cables need to be damaged or modified, the module is simply plugged in.

All settings are made via the display on the bike.

Unique is the possibility to set both the speed limit, the downshift behavior and the wheel circumference via the display.

In contrast to the almost complete elimination of the speed limit with other tuning modules, this module still allows a very sporty driving style with moderate battery consumption by slightly increasing the limit, e.g. to 32km/h. For a more natural riding experience, the dynamic mode spreads the downshift over a wider speed range, the so-called "wall effect" is significantly reduced.

To be able to use all the functions of the tuning, the display of the total kilometres and the
speed is required. If your e-bike does not have a display, you can also use the Ridecontrol
app for this.

Automatic initialization, immediately ready for operation after installation – plug and ride.

  • Tuning can be turned on or off via the arrow keys on the control unit.
  • After switching on, the speed limit can be freely set in the range 25 – 45km/h using the arrow keys. The last set value is stored.
  • The tuning is always turned off after switching on the bike.
  • Setting of a smoother “throttling behaviour” possible (dynamic mode).
    The otherwise very abrupt cut-off at the speed limit is thereby significantly softened.


    Individual activation code adjustable
  • Correct display of speed, distance traveled, and average speed at all times.
  • Correct total mileage of the bike even after removal of the tuning, because the kilometers in the motor control are corrected by the tuning module.
  • Wheel circumference adjustable (+/-10%) to improve the accuracy of the speed display and distance measurement.


Please be aware that the Tuning kit does not add extra power to your eBike motor. It only removes speed limits and enables you to ride as fast as you can pedal.

The box is splash-proof. All the tuning kits are carefully tested before sending it out to You. 

Will VOLspeed V4 for Giant work with my eBike?

VOLspeed V4 compatible with the Giant Syncdrive Pro 2 drive system from model year 2022 with the diplays GO+, Plus and EVO-SG, as well as the Ergo 3 control unit.


We have prepared a detailed video to make installation easy for you. The device is installed invisibly on the drive motor from the outside. The installation is done with a little technical skill in 15-30 minutes. No cables have to be damaged or modified, the module is simply plugged in. The module is absolutely watertight because all of the electronics are encapsulated.

Tools required
Please note that the required tools may differ for other eBike models.

For the installation in a Reign E+ 0 2020 you need the following tools

    • Allen key 2 mm / 2.5mm / 8mm

    If you have any troubles with installation or disassembly, do not hesitate to contact us.

    If You are planning to install VOLspeed on brand-new eBike, make sure you ride it for at least 0.6miles (1km) before the Tuning Kit is activated


    Reign E+ 0 2022


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    Please note that the operation of this type of modified electric bikes on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of VOLspeed products. Electric bikes equipped with VOLspeed products are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with VOLspeed products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of VOLspeed may void the warranty of your eBike.

    We strongly recommend using other safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries in higher speeds.

    Product Details

    • Dimensions: 1.46" x 0.75" x 0.35"  (3,7cm x 1,9cm x 0,9cm)
    • Cable length: 5.5" (14cm)
    • Weight: 0.88oz (0,025kg)
    • Supply voltage: 5VDC
    • Power consumption: 0,2W

    Scope of delivery

    • VOLspeed V4 tuning module for Giant E Bikes
    • Installation and operating manual

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    Easy to install.

    Safe for your e-bike.


    Unlock the full potential of your ebike!

    • You will ride faster and experience the thrills of owning a derestricted ebike -you will love the difference!
    • Install it effortlessly- quick plug-and-play connection - no setup required.
    •  Feel safe for your e-bike and warranty- it's safe for ebike and undetectable to keep your warranty safe!

    Quick plug-and-play installation. No setup!

    • Increase the speed limiter from original 16 mph (25km/h) to unlimited speed!
    • See accurate speed on your ebike display!
    • Enable/disable when needed!
    • Get after-sales support from us and one year warranty from Volspeed!

    The bike feels completely different once derestricted - it's just like a whole different bike! The rides are so much more fun now! Tuning kits are safe to your bike and every ebiker should have one installed! You will love riding your ebike with it - guaranteed!

    Matt - Owner of Two Wheels Empire

    How to install and use it?

    Compatable with all Giant Syncdrive e-bikes


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