BikeSpeed - RS Tuning Kit Installation for Bosch motors

1. Please remove the battery before working on your bicycle!

Remove the attachment screw of the treadle on the opposite side of the chain guide. (Left) For most bicycles with a Bosch-motor you will need an Allen key size 8 to do this.

2. Dismount the treadle with a suitable crank puller.Screw the crank puller into the thread of the attachment screw and dismount the treadle with a suitable Allen key. Please remove all washers before screwing in the puller and read the manual of the manufacturer.

3. The access to the gravel deflector is free.Remove the three screws of the gravel deflector (tool: torx T20) and remove the gravel deflector.
4. Disconnect the two connectors marked with an arrow. The connectors are secured with a small nose.
Please use only the two red marked sockets. If another connector plug in the motor, this must remain unchanged.
At the active-line or active-line plus motor from 2018 please use the following sockets:
5. First, degrease the bonding surface at the location shown on the bikespeed-RS of the motor. Remove the lamination sheet of the two-sided adhesive tape on the back in order to attach the bikespeed-RS. Attach the bikespeed-RS at the position indicated.
6. Plug in the two connectors of the bikespeed-RS in the new freed ports of step 4. The plugs are coded and only fit in one direction. Please do not use force!
7. Plug in the two unplugged connectors of step 4 to the sockets on the bikespeed-RS. The connectors are coded and only fit in one direction. Please do not use force! Keep to the colors of the wires in order to find the correct direction. The colors have to be the same on both sides. Please insert the connectors as far as is shown on the following picture. If that is not possible please apply some Vaseline onto the seals for greasing.

8. Assemble the gravel-deflector and the treadle in reverse order. (Keep to the tightening torques of the manufacturer! Re-insert the battery.