BikeSpeed - RS Tuning Kit Installation for Brose motors

1.  Before working on your bicycle switch off the battery completelyby pressing the battery key for a long time (see manual) or remove the battery.

2. Remove the fastening screw of the foot pedalon the opposite side of the chain (left) with an Allen key Size 8. The foot pedal will loosen itself on a Rotwild C1. For other models you might need a crank puller.

3. Remove the five screws of the gravel deflector andthenremove it. Use a Torx T20 for untightening the screws.

4. Pull the two plugs from the marked connectors and replace them with the two plug-connectors on the bikespeed-RS.

Mind the correct coding!The plugs can only be connected in one direction in the correct socket, do not use force! The number of 2-pin connectors varies depending on the equipment on your bike. If you are unsure, please refer to the red arrows on the photo, or follow the cable of the speed sensor on your rear wheel. Furthermore, the number and color of the wires to the connector varies depending on the equipment and year of your bike. A deviation of the wires or colors between your bike and the bikespeed-RS is possible, but does not pose a problem. The bikespeed RS is prepared for all variations and the connectors are coded.
On a Brose Drive-S or Drive-S Mag motor, please use the following connectors:

5. Remove the cable binder and move the original cables you just removed to the gap between motor and frame. Prepare the furnished cable binder for fastening the bikespeed-RS.

6. Fasten the bikespeed-RS at the shown position using the cable binder. Guide the white sockets of the bikespeed-RS to the gap between motor and frame, too. Be careful to guide the cables of the bikespeed-RS below the battery cable.

7. Connect the two removed connectors of the original cables with the white sockets on the bikespeed-RS. The plugs are coded and can only be plugged in the correct direction. Please do not use force!

The plugs need to be plugged in so far that the seal vanished in the socket. (see pictures)

8. Put these two connections in the gap between frame and motor. When laying the cables take care that they cannot be clamped or injured by closing the cover of the gravel deflector.

9. Install the gravel deflector and the pedal in reverse order.When pulling tight the pedal keep to the tightening torques of the manufacturer! Should you not see an animation of the bikespeed-RS when activating your bicycle deactivate and reactivate your bicycle by pressing the battery button for a long time.