BikeSpeed - RS Tuning Kit Installation for Panasonic motors

1. Please remove the battery before working on your bicycle!

Loosen and remove the two screws shown on the right side (chain side) with an Allen key size 6.

2. On the left, loosen the screw (1) shown on the left with a 6-inch Allen key. The screw remains in place and serves as a hinge for the motor to be folded down (2).

3. Locate the connectors to the display (black, round, 5-pin) and to the speed sensor (white, rectangular, 2-pole). These are probably hidden in the frame. Just follow the cables.

4. Disconnect the connectors newly found.

5. Connect the 4 connectors of the bikespeed-RS with the newly released connectors. The tuning is simply interposed. Make sure that all connectors are properly engaged.

6. Stow the bikespeed-RS as well as all connectors and cables in the frame tube. Fold the motor carefully back up into its position. Be careful not to squeeze or hurt cables. The motor can then be held in position with the screws removed earlier. Re-tighten the motor in the reverse order. When tightening the motor screws, make sure that the motor screws are tightened Prescribed manufacturer's torque.