Crank Guard Installation

AMS honeycomb Crank Guards are very easy and straightforward to install. They have been designed to cover (without the need of trimming) most Carbon and even aluminum Cranks. Follow this instructions for a PRO finish and durability. And watch the video for a graphical explanation:

  1. Clean the Crank arm from dust, mud and debris as well as from rest of oils, or silicones, using alcohol or similar. Use only alcohol or alcohol derivatives. Do not use supermarket cleaners, as they have silicones that are the worst enemy of adhesives.

  2. Cut the adhesive backing in two for easier manipulation.

  3. Before applying, check exactly where you'd want the Crank Guard to be applied. Depending on the length of the cranks consider to take off the small part.

  4. Apply the center of the Crank Guard from top to bottom, rubbing with your hand gently. While the glue is still fresh, you can reposition it if you placed it badly the first time. Be careful not touching the adhesive side with dirty hands.

  5. Apply pressure evenly around all the surface, from center to the sides to help for a better adhesion.

  6. Let it bond for some hours, and go use it!

Additional recommendations: 

  • Install in a warm area. Avoid installing at temperatures below 12ºC/53 F.
  • We use a strong automotive-grade adhesive, so for removal, we recommend using a hairdryer or heatgun to soften the adhesive and PVC and to facilitate the operation.

You could also find the installation video here.