What is an eMTB tuning kit?

You have surely already noticed that when riding on an electric bike above 25 km/h, the motor automatically shuts off due to the speed limit. If you wish to remove the speed limit, there is nothing easier than installing a tuning kit. You can achieve higher speeds, limited only by your pedaling rate. In our experience, it's possible to ride at speeds of up to 40 km/h, 50 km/h, and even above 60 km/h, which is already a proper speed!

Easy to install.

Safe for your e-bike.


Are tuning kits safe to use?

Absolutely Yes!

eMTB tuning kits are safe to use and will not harm your eBike's battery or motor. It's a simple plug-and-play product, and if you choose to remove it, your eBike will regain its original restricted properties.

Can I install the tuning kit myself?

Yes, You can!

The installation of the tuning kit in your eMTB is easy. Some tuning kits have instruction videos, which will guide you step by step through the installation process.

If there is anything you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available.

How to choose a tuning kit?

Mainly, to choose the right tuning kit, you only need to know the Year and Model of your eMTB motor, although there are some exceptions.

For example: some Bosch engines have a "Smart system", some don't, so this needs to be considered as well! If you are not sure about what kind of tuning kit you need, don't ever hesitate to ask us!

eMTB Tuning Kits by Motor:

What our customers say about eMTB tuning kits:


Excellent product, excellent service. Bike has been serviced too & no trace found! All good.

- Adrian D.

Makes a good e bike great

Turned the orbea vibe into a great bike removing the frustrating cut off and drag that occurs on the x35. Easy to fit and use.

- Andrew D.


Pleasantly surprised how good this product and customer care, before and after purchase. Matt & Sima have gone above and beyond any other mountain/ebike company out there. 10/10.

- Kevin A.

Easy to use and easy to install

Like the tittle, super easy. Also perfect contact from customer service.

- Ivan V.

Brilliant support and item

I purchased the speed box 3, I had little idea how to get the connection sorted; the support was great and the speed box delivers; very pleased. I will be back soon when I get my next bike.

- Gail T.

Great Update, well worth doing!

My Volspeed V4 arrived within 3 days and took 5 minutes to fit. It worked exactly as described right from the off and has transformed my eMTB into a much more flexible off road ride and also allows me to use it for the daily commute with ease. Definitely recommended.

- Kevin P.

Awesome Product

I have now purchased 3 of these. They are great!!! We all now have tuners and they have really enhanced our eBiking experience. I recommend 2 Wheel Empire to anyone who wants to enhance their eBike from great to AWESOME!!!

- Greg W.


Great! Everything works as promissed. Thanks.

- Alex U.

Levociraptor Turbo Vado SL

Excellent overall - easy ordering - speedy delivery - easy to fit with a bit of a squeeze - worked instantly - no issues so far. Highly recommended.

- Alan M.

Great bit of gear

Great service. Product has transformed my ebike and makes it sooo much fun.

- Paul T.

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