Does SpeedBox 3.0 work with 4th generation Bosch motor?
Yes it does. 

With which Motors SpeedBox 3.0 works? 
Compatible with motors: Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX including motors of the 4th generation.

Can I use SB Bosch 3.0 for my Bosch motor 2020?
Yes, you can and it will work with you ebike.

Will speed box Bosch 3.0 be detected by Bosch maintenance?
Speed Box Bosch was created to avoid this problem so you can use it without any fear.

"When using SpeedBox 3.0 with Bosch motors of the 4th generation (produced in 2020 or later) it is necessary to leave the bike on after finishing the ride until a value of 0.0 km/h is displayed" What happens if you don't? Sooner or later you will probably turn off the bike too soon by mistake, what happens then? Something bad or very bad? (or hopefully not that bad)?
Nothing bad gonna happen. When you finish your ride, some kind of countdown starts. When the countdown reach 0, bike gonna turn off itself. If you accidentaly won't let it countdown to the 0, you will be required to do it as soon as the bike is turned on again.

Hi, is the only difference between the older version and this newer version the compatibility with newer motors?
This is the main difference. Not the only difference though. Other big difference is new feature - set your own speed limit. 

How to choose a tuning part for a Bosch electric bike?
Only one version of SpeedBox2 which works for all motor models is available for all electric bikes with a Bosch engine produced after 2014.

Does the SpeedBox 2.0 works with the new Bosch Performance Line CX GEN.4 motor? 
Yes SpeedBox 2.0 is fully compatible with your bike and display.

I have just fitted my Speedbox 2 to Bosch Activeline Plus motor and fitting was easy but cramped. Max speeds on a flat are around 24Mph, is this normal?
This is absolutely normal. To reach higher speed you must change a front sprocket for another one with more teeth. SpeedBox allows you to ride faster. Your bike just needs to be equipped that way.

How can I configure a Speedbox 2 via a pc to work with the COBI bike system?
You don't have to do this at all. It's simply compatible as it is.

Is SpeedBox now compatible with Bosch Performance CX 2020?
SB Bosch 3.0 it is.

Will the SpeedBox 2.0 work with Bosch 4th gen? It has a cube reaction hybrid model 2020.
No. SpeedBox Bosch 3.0 will work with your ebike.

Error number 50.3 on speedometer.
503 is a speed sensor error. This error cause permanent disfunction of SpeedBox. It might be moved magnet. Only with help of Bosch diagnostics you can find out where exactly the problem is. Any E-bike shop could help you with that. Please note that all SpeedBoxes are tested on our bikes before we ship them.

Will this chip work for an old kinds of Active lines such as Riese&Muller 2014?
Yes, SpeedBox Bosch 2.0 and SpeedBox 3.0 will work.

Does changing the front sprocket for Bosch motor affect anyhow the motor or the chip?
Only in a good way. There will be no problems!

I have a Bosch performance CX with NYON. Will the chip work with navigation?
Yes it will work.

Will Bosch motors remove the ability to remove speed limiters from 2020?
SpeedBox Bosch 3.0 Works perfectly.

Do I need a crank puller for Cube Cross e-bike 2019 (active line plus motor)
No you do not! A quick video will show you how.  

How do I fit the dongle on the Carrera Crossfuse with a Bosch Active Plus Drive?
Here is the picture that show how to fit it:

Just bought a cube reaction hybrid pro 500 the new 2020 bike, so this speed box will stop the software putting the bike in limp mode after it cuts out 3 times for 90 mins?
SpeedBox Bosch 3.0 was properly tested by several people on several 2020 Bosch bikes and everything works fine. 

Will Bosch 2.0 work with 2019 mondraker prime + Bosch cx?
Yes, it will. Also Bosch 3.0 will do the same.

I have a BMW with Bosch + Intuvia. Connected everything as the manual says and I only was able to activate the chip once by pressing a combination of WALK + (PLUS) sign. Other times it didn’t work and I can't manage to turn it on. I run the bike with headlights, maybe they need to be turned off before activating the chip?
Depends whether lights are on or off (even if there are no lights).

What kind of SB Bosch is compatible with Performance line Speed?
None of them.

Why do I have a different connector while installing Bosch Performance Line? 

Two plugs on our bike are blanked. They are for lights. They're blanked because there was no lights on this bike. You must not manipulate with 1st and 3rd plug from left -> because they are for lights. For SpeedBox installation you always have to use 2nd and 4th plug from left. Exactly as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGtLdy5ZDms

With the speed box 3.0 will my bike shop know it’s fitted and will the gen4 Bosch software tell the dealer when they plug it in that the bike has been tuned? Is there a way for me to reset things before taking it in? Assuming I remove the single of course.
No, SpeedBox 3.0 is completely untraceable, that's the whole point. There is no way to reset things because there is no reason to reset things. If he needs to hide a SpeedBox for some reason, then he should uninstall it. Simple as that.

How to activate tuning kit on 2020 Bosch e-bike model?
WALK and + .

I bought Bosch 2.0 for my 2018 treck Powerfly 5 ebike. Bosch performance Line Motor. I cannot activate it. I tried both ways - Pressing walk and +-+-; When I press the walk button my display shows Walk+ when I press it again I don't see the 6.2 mph or 9.9kmh. Could you please help me to understand why it is not working?
When the display says WALK+ then it is supposed to press the +. Display actually wants to do it. Tu sum up: if you see the light icon on the display, the lights are activated (even if you know you doesn't have any). If lights are on - you must press WALK+. If lights are off - you must press just the WALK. You can turn on/off the lights by holding a -.



The error W011 is the speed sensor error. This happens when the speed sensor connector is not pushed till the end (Shimano E8000).
Disconnect the SpeedBox and install it once again, try to push strongly the big black connector which is marked by a blue arrow on the photo (below). Attention- the connector on the photo is not pushed well until the end! The important is that's really pushed until the end. Then the error should disappear. 

Is Shimano E7000 installed the same way as E8000?
Yes it is. Click on the link to watch a tutorial click here

What could be error codes for SpeedBox e6000 011,012,013?
Click on the link

Is tuning working with Shimano, the one have Di2?
No, it will not work with you bike. 

Will Shimano E6000 work with Shimano E6001? Or will Shimano 1.0?
Speed box 1.0 for Shimano E6000 is the right one.

2020 Polygon Path E5 Shimanon Steps E5000 E-bike will Shimano E5000 work?


Is there any issue regarding lights when you tune your electric bike with a SpeedBox?
There is none. This SpeedBox works perfectly and separately from lights.

Which SpeedBox do I need for my Yamaha PW?
SpeedBox2 for Yamaha PW is the only compatible SpeedBox.

When you press a second time the 3.1 is replaced with 1.5 which turns to 0 after a few seconds?
It is completely normal that the value 3.1 or 1.5 gonna automatically turn to zero after a while. This does not make any problem. All seems to be fine.

What would be the tuning kit for Yamaha motor Haibike 2016?
It is a Speed Box 2.0 for Yamaha PW.


I installed the speedbox on my new Giant Fanthom Pro. Unfortunately I can’t build a connection via SpeedBoxPro app. It says “no bike found”. 
The bike has to be driven more than 1km for it to work. Try riding your bike and the the SpeedBox should work. However, if the problem persists, contact us.

Will new chip Giant 2.0 fit 2018 giant EPRO racing bike with Yamaha sync drive?
Yes it will fit and work.

How to activate tuning kit on 2020 Giant e-bike model?
WALK and + .

Will Giant 2.0 work with giant trance pro 3 + ebike?
Yes, it will.


Will a SpeedBox 1.0 for Brose work on a Pedego Conveyor?
No, it will not.

Does the Speedbox operate with the Brose motor on a Specialized Vado bike?
No, SB for Brose is not compatible with Specialized bikes.

Does this work with Turbo Levo Hard Tail 29' 2019?
SpeedBox for Brose Specialized is compatible with all the Specialized E-bikes.

Do you have any chips for Brose Drive S? 
Yes, we do. This one actually is compatible with Brose S drives too, just click on the link

Do you have anything for BROSE S?
Yes, we do have the SpeedBox1 for Brose Specialized which is compatible with the motors Brose S. Please, have a look on the link where you can find all the details.

Does the chip work on Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0?
SpeedBox for Specialized should work. SpeedBox for Specialized was developed on Specialized Turbo LEVO 2019.

My bike is Specialized Kenevo FSR 2019 model Brose 1.2 E motor. I've put the new chip on by following all the YouTube videos nothing to it really but having problems with it as the motor keeps stopping then starting. I think there's a fault with the chip as I have put it back as normal without the chip in then it works 100% again.

We must have photo from customer to verify proper installation (based on the sticker which is basically installation manual). Wires must be plugged deep enough to make a contact (you should hear "click" sound").


Would this product fit and work all kind mid-drive Bafang motors?
This SpeedBox is compatible with M300 and M400 mid drives only.

Would this item fit and work on the Carrera vengeance - e with the Bafang rear motor, is it just plug and play.
No, it won't work with rear hub motor.

I have a Bafang 350 watt motor as the rear hub motor. Do you sell a SpeedBox for this version?
It always must be mid drive. MUST NOT BE REAR HUB or FRONT HUB MOTOR.


What does tuning an electric bike actually do?
You have surely already noticed that when riding on an electric bike above 25 kmh (14 mph) , the motor of your electric bike automatically shuts off due to the speed limit. If you wish to remove the speed limit of the electric bike, there is nothing easier than installing a tuning part that removes this speed limit. You can achieve higher speeds, and everything is limited only by the pedaling rate. In our experience, it is possible to ride at a speed of up to 40 km/h, 50 km/h and even above 60 km/h (up to 30.06 mph) with SpeedBox tuning, and that is already a proper speed!

How does the electric bike tuning work?
For all types of electric bike with central drives, a speed ​​limit on speeds above 25 km/h (14mph) is set during production. Your motor will turn off at this speed. By installing the SpeedBox, you can remove this unpleasant speed ​​limit. You will thus increase the speed of your electric bike above a given limit, and your speed will depend only on the pedaling speed.

Would I manage to install the tuning part by myself?
You definitely don't have to worry about the installation of the tuning chip to into your electric bike. It is a very easy procedure that can be managed by a complete beginner with a basic set of tools. You simply have to remove the cover of the electric bike and attach several connectors. It is the use of the original connectors that makes the SpeedBox unique and suitable for installation at home. Do you need to see how the SpeedBox is installed? You will find a link to video how to instal Chip in the description of every-chip. 

Can I use a SpeedBox for an electric bike that measures speeds in miles per hour (mph)?
Of course you can
! When using a SpeedBox to increase the speed ​​of your electric bike, it does not matter whether you measure the speed in km/h or in mph.

What is the difference between Speed​​Box1 and Speed​​Box2?
SpeedBox1 is the first version of the tuning chip for increasing the speed of electric bikes. When it is used, half the values of the real speed are displayed on your display. For example, if you ride at a speed of 40 km/h, your display will show 20 km/h. The motor switches off when you reach a speed of 50 km/h.
The new SpeedBox2 line builds on its predecessor with its technology and design quality, but it has several significant improvements. The SpeedBox2 electric bike tuning part does not have a speed limit, and all the display values ​​are displayed correctly. The resultant speed ​​of an electric bike with SpeedBox2 installed thus depends only on the pedaling rate. Thanks to this, speeds of ​​40 km/h, 50 km/h and above 60 km/h can be achieved!

How fast can I go with my electric bike? Is the SpeedBox limited by a speed of 50 km/h or 99 km/h?
When tuning an electric bike with SpeedBox1, you can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h. Tuning electric bikes with a central drive, SpeedBox2 removes the speed limit of 25 km / h so that the electric bike is not limited by any speed ceiling. When you use it, you are limited only by your own pedalling speed. In our experience, it is possible to ride at a speed of up to 40 km / h, 50 km / h and even above 60 km / hwith SpeedBox2 tuning.

After installing the SpeedBox, the speed on the display jumps to 75 km/h when reaching a speed of 25 km/h.
It is probably due to the connectors being connected improperly. In the installation videos, no lights are installed on the bikes, which can be confusing for some users. Disconnect the SpeedBox and use the speed sensor cable and communication cable when installing it again.

Can the tuning part be removed and installed again later if necessary?
The tuning part is installed in the electric bike by simply plugging in several connectors. The installing and removing the tuning part is very easy thanks to the original connectors, and only non-destructive changes occur during installation.

If I want to ride with my lights on, then I have to disable the SpeedBox?
Not necessarily. You can have your lights and SpeedBox activated at the same time.

Are Speedboxes compatible with Speed Pedelec bikes?
No, they are not compatible with Speed Pedelecs.

Would it be ok if I connected the SpeedBox without disconnecting the battery first? Can’t access the battery as the key has broken inside and I can’t remove it. 
Yes, you can keep the battery connected.

Do the chips work on American bikes? Are all the bikes the same there?
Yes they work on American bikes but they are not really the same. Bosch bikes have disabled WALK button there. US customer can activate only by + - + - . There are Yamaha branded bikes which are not in Europe at all. These have different solution's speed sensor. For these we have different SpeedBox. SpeedBox 2.0 for Yamaha branded bikes. All other bikes are same.

If I had defected my SpeedBox while installing can I ask for replacement?
Yes, please do contact us.

If I damaged the vires while installing tuning kit, will you replace it with new one?
Yes, we accept the replacement. It can happen easily when you finish installation and put motor back. There is lack of space and lots of wires. One of them can be damaged by screw or something. You should be more careful next time.