PearTune Installation


 Unscrew the screws and remove the plastic  cover,  or  plastic  „cap“,  on  the  other  side than  the  sprocket  is  located.  Bikes  without  the separated  plastic  „cap“  in  the  bottom  part  will require removing of the pedal arm using a proper equipment. Needed cables and connectors are hidden under this cover. 

② Disconnect the 5-position connector in between the display unit and motor unit and the 2-position connector in between the tacho sensor and the motor unit. 

Connect  both  appropriate  connectors  from  the  MSO  instead  of  the original connectors into the the motor unit and, firmly press the original, previously disconnected connectors  into the MSO according to the color coding (red wire side onto the red/orange wire side, or down-facing at the motor body). 

To  keep  the  system  waterproof,  it  is  reccomended  to  use  the  heat shrinkable tubing on the both MSO connectors connected into the original connectors  from  the  tacho  sensor  and  display  unit.  Optionally,  use  glue gun  to  secure  the  connectors  in  the  motor  body.  Place  the  MSO  in  a proper position and optionally, fasten the wiring using the electrical ties. Re-attach the plastic cover and pedal arm and the bike is ready to go.

Technical parameters

Dimension without wiring: 21 x 40 x 12mm

Supply voltage range: 5 - 15 V

Maximum current consumption: 100 mA

Maximum power usage: 1.5W

Mass: cca 30g

The voltage is lower then 20 V in all device and on I/O pins too