PearTune Shimano Tuning kit Installation


  Unscrew three screws marked by red ring and remove the plastic cover of the centerdrive. All necessarry cables and connectors are placed under this cover. Covers are provided in various shapes and colours and the cover may differ from the picture. 

Disconnect the connector between the motor unit and tacho sensor (marked by green arrow in the picture). Release the screw of positive (+) light clamp (marked by red arrow in the picture).

③ Connect the speed sensor to the MSO unit and the MSO unit to the motor unit using corresponding connectors. Connect red power cable to positive light clamp. Tighten the screw of the clamp.

Place the MSO in a proper position and optionally, fasten the wiring using the electrical ties. Re-attach the plastic cover and the bike is ready to go.

Technical parameters

Dimension without wiring: 21 x 40 x 12mm

Supply voltage range: 5 - 15 V

Maximum current consumption: 100 mA

Maximum power usage: 1.5W

Mass: cca 30g

The voltage is lower then 20 V in all device and on I/O pins too