Planet3 Installation Instructions

The procedure of installation is identical for the Rocky Mountain and Giant eBikes in almost all aspects.

For the Giant you would need to use a dual planet configuration. Be careful to remove the external position checking magnets after verifying that the internal ones are at 180° exactly.

Step one:

To install this Planet3 tuning kit your would need to skip the talk about “end cap replacement” at the start of the video. The Shimano FH-MT510-B hub that’s on the 2020 Trance E+ 2 Pro; and the FH-MT410-B that’s on the 2021 Trance X E+ 2 and 3 are both compatible with the PLANET3 outright. Just make sure to wipe it clean of any grease with a paper towel and degreaser.

Step two:

We would recommend to pay attention to the installation depth of the ring gear too.

During your installation we would highly recommend for you to perform the empty device test as outlined at the end of the previous video. If there is no scraping sounds of plastic on plastic – you’re good to go, your frame is not at risk, you have correctly gauged the installation depth of the ring gear and PLANET3 should never wear out.

Be aware to be careful in the last step too when you put the wheel back into the bike. You could hit the PLANET3 ring gear against the frame or sensor when you’re aiming the disc into the calipers. So we recommend to do everything really gently during all installation process.