Planet3 Installation Instructions

Creo SL features a CenterLock hub with a corresponding PLANET3 design. 

Step one:

Step two:

If you have ordered a dual planet configuration (two planets inside the device means half the ratio and half the speed increase), please, watch the following video for a reference on what to do.

Step three:

Most Creo’s when fitted with a PLANET3 – work beautifully, but 3-4% of the time the speed sensor cable is either too insensitive or almost damaged even from new. It is explained in more details in the video below, along with what exactly you can do to test/confirm this situation.

The problem is – it will still work with the stock magnet configuration for a while after it starts to have intermittent problems with the PLANET3. But then it will stop working even with the stock magnet (which is just stronger and still able to trigger the failing sensor’s reed switch for a whole). However, 100% of the time when the problematic cable was replaced (be it the battery-to-motor lead, TCU lead or speed sensor) – PLANET3 went back to working perfectly