Biketrax Bicycle GPS Trackers

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The BikeTrax GPS tracker is an unrivaled reliable bicycle theft protection. It is a special GPS transmitter for Brose, Shimano, Yamaha and Bosch e-bikes.

Believe us, e-bike theft protection can be that simple.

Smarter than a mechanical lock. BikeTrax is installed into the bike, and not attached on the outside, so it is invisible to thieves!

GPS tracking with full network coverage, both indoors and outdoors. We use the biggest, most stable mobile network in Europe!

Additional battery for a reliable GPS signal, even if the e-bike battery is removed!

Immediate alarm in case of theft! Signal and push message every time the bike is moved without your permission!

You can monitor your bicycle from anywhere with the PowUnity App. Free app and free GPS package for the first year!

Bike Pass: All the information about your e-bike in an app, so that everyone knows: Your e-bike belongs to you!

"With BikeTrax, we use our positive product experience to counteract theft as a negative thing. The GPS tracker records and protects without you having to do much. It's easy for everyone. In my opinion, the PowUnity app becomes perfect when I can't remove anything anymore, and the user still has everything."

Maximilian Loy, Co-founder,
Hardware and Software Development