Sur Ron - Never ending customization of your ride

Here at Two Wheels Empire we are striving to enhance your riding experience to the next level, so buckle up and get ready for a serious ride!

Need a Bigger Ride?

Enjoy a smoother ride with straight arms and better forward balance. This seat extenders creates better grip between the frame and your knees because it lifts the battery cap upwards as well. In just 10 minutes, you can raise your seat base 50mm upwards and shift it back 30mm from the handlebars.

Reinforce your peg holders for a more comfortable ride. Stock Sur-Ron parts aren’t designed to withstand a crash. With EV Freaks, you can pick yourself back up and start riding without scheduling a trip to the repair shop. These Sur-Ron mods are CNC-machined with solid class 7 aluminum, and there are no weak joints or weld points.

Shifts seat 50mm upwards and 30mm backwards

Designed for riders 5’7 (1.80) and above

Improved GRIP between knees and frame

Supplied hardware will keep battery tight and secured from movement

Sur-Ron parts with aircraft-grade aluminum.

The EV Freaks reinforced linkage is incredibly strong - it’s built for off-road riding and crash landings. 
Combine the reinforced version with our other Sur-Ron / Segway upgrades and mod the Light Bee X / x260 to match your size.

Bigger jumps Higher heights

Beef up your Sur-Ron accessories with aircraft-grade aluminum. The EV Freaks reinforced progression triangle can handle any crash landing and the most extreme off-road riding. Like all of our plug-and-play Sur-Ron upgrades, this triangle is specially designed for the Light Bee X, and it’s substantially stronger than flimsy factory parts.

Lighter, stronger, and more precise.

The Limited Edition FAST BEE sprockets fitting holes are engineered down to 0.01 millimeter precision, so there’s absolutely no free space for the bolt to shift or move. Now you can ride with more power and better alignment.Treat yourself with adding more torque to your FAST BEE simply changing the sprocket on it.The biger sprocket you go the more torque you gain, be ready for that instant kick even with stock controller on it.