ASI BAC4000 7.2Kw Power Upgrade Kit Sur Ron / Segway + Programming service

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Upgrade your Sur Ron / Segway from currently 4800watts up to 7200watts BYPASSING your stock battery. (Or run it up to 15kw with upgraded battery)

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We looking at +30-50% increased torque & acceleration and +7-10mph top speed from this upgrade.

No matter how many Sur-Ron upgrades you install on your e-bike, one basic part might be holding you back. The controller is the ‘brain’ of the bike, which controls your total power output, torque, top speed, acceleration, and accessible energy.

The BAC4000 delivers perfect amps with smooth performance running evfreaks file, whether you’re speeding across a flat course or revving up for jumps - we got you covered. Up to 15kw peak & 430 phase amps.

Every customer gets a custom tuning and programming session, which we can do remotely connecting to your phone or tablet. Because every Sur Ron or Segway engine is slightly different so for the best customer experience you need that individual setup based on your hardware parameters & your own individual needs which we will discuss during the session. Our engineers are also available to troubleshoot, resolve, and improve any potential issues that riders notice on the road afterwards.

This controller kit comes with a Bluetooth-compatible LCD EggRider V2 screen, so you can easily swap between pre-programmed modes & power levels with a single touch.

The new electric Alta throttle we including in our kit addresses common software bugs and helps to keep smooth acceleration with continues speed and is built to last.

Kit contains:

  • BAC4000 controller (7.2KW tune or up to 15KW with upgraded battery)
  • Most Advanced Tune on the market
  • Custom Programming Session and Aftercare
  • EggRider V2 display (gearbox)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Aluminium "FastBee"Heatsink including side covers
  • Upgraded Alta electric throttle
  • Wiring loom & Engine extension cables 
  • Bolts
  • Battery bypass cables
  • Heat shrinks and video instructions supplied for smooth & easy installation
  • Road & Off Road modes
  • 5 power levels on each mode ( 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)


Power Levels on Display Explained

You can have preprogrammed custom settings Road & Offroad Mode on each - 5 different power levels pre-programmed by us according to your needs.

You can change between the settings just pressing the buttons on the display.

You can connect EggRider via bluetooth to your phone for advanced statistic tracking.

We also offer 2-day installation service in our workshop for £250 or you can take advantage of remote support over the phone to install your kit at home. 

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