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Cardo FRC4P101 FREECOM 4 PLUS-4-Way Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Natural Voice Operation, Sound by JBL, Black, Dual Pack, Set of 2

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With the communication system Scala Rider Freecom 4 PLUS you can totally focus on road and you can keep your hands on the handlebar, thanks to the always-on voice operation. Cardo has signed a partnership with JBL for a better sound and an exceptional sound experience, thanks to three 40mm high-definition and powerful speakers and a tuned sound processor. Everything is included in a 20mm thick package.With Freecom 4 PLUS you can connect to any other Bluetooth headset of any brand and you can share music from your smartphone. you can control, share or simply listen to music while you are driving, thanks to powerful 40mm speakers and advanced processor that contribute to an amazing sound! Freecom 4 PLUS allows you to receive and to make phone calls and to control the device in a simply way or through voice control. It has an integrated FM Radio with RDS for the automatic selection of the stronger signal to listen to music wherever you are. The device automatically adjusts the volume according to the external environment noise and you need not worry about this aspect. You can share your playlist or your favourite radio station with the passenger and you can control the device with the simple and clear Cardo Connect App. Why not download it now to discover what it can offer? Freecom 4 PLUS is rechargeable while you are driving. you only have to connect the device to the battery pack or to the battery charger 12V and to switch the device. The two-way intercom keeps you connected at all times and it's easy and simple to configure and to use. It's also possible to tranfer incoming calls to the intercom conversation. The kit includes the Freecom 4 PLUS intercom, the freecom audio kit, 40mm JBL speakers, microphone with wire, adhesive plate for application, Hybrid microphone speakers (booster), squared and rectangular velcro plates, USB cable and instruction manual. This item is highly versatile