Regen Braking Thumb Throttle

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Electric engine brake - brake pads saver and battery recharger at the same time

Regenerative braking thumb throttle is specially designed by our team for the sur-ron and segway or talaria applications

You can run it the ASI BAC4000 and BAC8000 controllers as well following with the Nucullar24F controllers

You can adjust the level of braking power and simply by pressing the thumb you rear wheel will stop at the programmed power, it can be gentle or very very agressive ! Saves your brake pads

Regenerates some battery power back to your power pack once braking for example going down from very steep downhill is really very usefull 

PLEASE NOTE: If you not bought the kit from evfreaks when in order for that to work with your ASI BAC controllers you need to purchase our custom wiring loom for ASI controllers and replace with your current one. As well we will need to adjust your controller settings during remote programming session over the phone with remote connection.

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