two wheels empire
Two Wheels Empire story


The story starts with Matt

Matt is the guy behind the wheel of Two Wheels Empire - an avid emtb rider and custom bike builder.

The passion for Two Wheels brought him and the Empire to where it is now: a worldwide brand for anything ebikes related.

We trust in innovation, premium quality and sustainability - that's what our business is about. Feel assured all our ebike products are carefully selected and we stand by them: if it's on offer here at Two Wheels Empire - it's been tested and selected by our team.

Riders working with us are here to help you enjoy your ebike rides!

From riders - to riders!

It all started in the UK, Exeter when Matt got an idea of Two Wheels Empire name - first it was a custom motorcycles brand, and now an ebike premium accessories shop. We've changed and we've grown to ebikes, but we've still got the love for Two Wheels: Petrol or Electric.

From riders to riders

Delivering the experience to the e-Bike community is our biggest joy. And to see You as a rider experience the thrill of the adventure and endless possibilities - this is our passion. We are here to build an Empire, of people who strive for freedom, thrills and adventure, it's about time to make the best of your rides! Two Wheels Empire team is here for you!

Like no other around


2022 in Kaunas. 2023 in London

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