Brose E-Bike Tuning Kits

Brose E-bike Motor is both powerful and silent. Since 2014, the well-known and successful German company Brose has been producing e-bike motors and other e-bike drive systems. To ensure you order the right kit, please check your eBike's specifications to identify your exact motor model.

Our top recommendations are:

  • SpeedBox 3.0 and Peartune MSO 4.0 are both perfect solutions for several models of Brose E-bike engines. Both Speedbox and Peartune for Brose display real-time speed on the speedometer. 
  • Additionally, Two Wheels Empire offers two high-quality models of mechanical tuning kits, including BadassBox 4 Brose and BadassBox 4 Brose CS-Set, which are suitable for Brose motors equipped with the appropriate speed sensor.
  • For Brose motors, there are also other tuning kits available, such as SpeedFun Furious Evo. This tuning kits can be easily activated or deactivated during your ride by simply pressing the light button. 

If you have any issue installing it, check our blog post how to trouble shoot it

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