If you're looking for a complete transformation of your Light Bee X e-bike's performance and feel, upgrading your controller is a crucial step. The controller is the "brain" of the bike, controlling power output, torque, speed, acceleration, and energy accessibility. No matter how many Sur-Ron upgrades you install, a basic controller might still be holding you back.

One of the most popular Sur-Ron mods is upgrading to a top-notch controller like the ASI system. The ASI controller can make a significant difference in your bike's performance, completely transforming its feel and power. The ASI system is increasingly becoming a preferred choice for more and more riders, and for good reason.

You can order the ASI controller directly from the Canadian supplier or a local UK dealer, but it's essential to have the controller programmed and tuned by a professional for optimal results. Without proper programming and tuning, you won't get the full effect of the controller's capabilities. Sur-Ron parts like the ASI system are fantastic upgrades, but they're only as good as the tuning and programming that go into them.

That's where Two Wheels Empire comes in. We offer the most advanced tune on the market, with every ASI controller programmed and tuned for your specific bike by our team of experienced e-bike enthusiasts. As an e-bike enthusiast-run company, we spend all our spare time riding, researching, studying, and tweaking the products we sell. This allows us to offer you a customized tune and the best possible results for your e-bike.

We also provide durable mounts and premium Sur-Ron accessories as part of our limited-edition FAST BEE product line. For instance, we have designed an exclusive heatsink for the ASI BAC4000 and BAC8000 controllers to mount them effectively with built-in cooling panels. The casing also protects against flying rocks and debris during off-road riding sessions.

In addition to upgrading your controller, we also upgrade the Alta electric throttle to ensure smooth speed. Every detail matters, and we take the time to do it right. Our Sur-Ron upgrades are complete, ready-to-ride packages, with no upsells or add-ons. Our goal is to help you maximize power and performance, so you get the most out of your new ASI controller.

At Two Wheels Empire, we offer custom programming sessions and aftercare to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Every engine is slightly different, and we understand that a cookie-cutter installation approach won't work. Our engineers are available to troubleshoot, resolve, and improve any potential issues that riders notice on the road.

In conclusion, if you want to take your Light Bee X e-bike's performance to the next level, upgrading your controller to the ASI system is a smart choice. And when it comes to getting the best possible results, Two Wheels Empire has got you covered. From programming and tuning to durable mounts and premium accessories, we offer a complete package for Sur-Ron upgrades. Ride harder, jump higher, and go even faster with Two Wheels Empire.

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