Peartune E-Bike Tuning Kits

PearTune is a professional tuning kit designed for Bosch Smart System, Shimano with Di2, Shimano EP8, Brose Specialized and even new TQHPR50 motors. PearTune have been developing eBike tuning kits since 2016. All PearTune tuning kits are manufactured in the Czech Republic to the highest standard.

Here's why eBike lovers are so fond of Peartune:

  • Easy installation and unlimited speed.
  • Easy to use, just plug and play.
  • MSO 4.0 lets you program your own ON/OFF buttons!

Pro Tip: Easily find the kit you need by filtering based on your specific motor type.

Pro Tip: Watch our 'how to choose a tuning kit' video to help you select the right one!

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