TWE Custom Reinforced Rear Brake Disc Guard for Sur-Ron Light Bee

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Introducing Two Wheels Empire custom-crafted Sur-Ron Rear Brake Disc Guard, meticulously engineered from high-quality 6061 aluminum for uncompromising durability and performance.  Your Sur-Ron deserves the best in protection and style, and that's exactly what our Brake Disc Protector delivers. Designed to protect standard 203mm brake discs or larger 220mm discs

Key Features:

  • Robust Defense: Crafted from high-quality 6061 aluminum, our Brake Disc Protector offers unbeatable protection to your bike's vital braking system. Defend your investment against debris, rocks, and unforeseen obstacles, ensuring your brakes stay in peak condition.

  • Easy Installation: Installing this protector is a breeze, requiring no specialized tools or complicated processes. In just a few minutes, you'll have your Sur-Ron equipped with a crucial layer of defense.

  • Precision Fit: The protector is designed to snugly fit your Sur Ron, ensuring a seamless integration. It looks like it's a part of your bike while delivering extra protection.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Beyond its protective capabilities, this Brake Disc Protector also adds a touch of style to your Sur-Ron. Elevate the look of your electric bike while keeping it safe.

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