Shimano motor E-Bike Tuning Kits

We have e-bike tuning kits that fit all Shimano motors. This includes EP8 and EP800, E7000, E8000, E6100, and E5000 motors. Just double-check your ebike's specs to make sure you get the right kit before ordering.

Our top recommendations are:

  • Peartune EP8  for EP8 Shimano motors. Peartune also offers options for Shimano E8000  with Di2 and E8000 without Di2
  • Speedbox EP8  for Shimano EP8 motors. Speedbox also offers for Shimano E8000 . Choose B.Tuning if you would like to see real data on the Speedbox app.
  • Badass box  for Shimano motors, which works with the latest EP801 motors. You just need to identify your speed sensor and choose the correct BadassBox tuning kit.
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