TWE Custom Reinforced Suspension Linkage for SurRon Light Bee

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Introducing our custom-crafted SurRon reinforced suspension linkage , meticulously engineered from high-quality 6061 aluminum for uncompromising durability and performance. Designed to withstand high jumps and hard landings, these linkages are way stronger than their original predecessor. Equipped with Swedish made SKF bearings

Key Features:

  1. Uncompromising Strength: Crafted from high-strength materials, our Reinforced Linkage provides unmatched durability, offering enhanced support and resilience to the suspension system. Experience improved ruggedness, even in the toughest riding conditions.

  2. Tailored Compatibility: Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with your SurRon or Segway X260, this linkage is engineered to match the bike's specifications. The precise fit ensures optimal functionality without compromising the bike's original design.

  3. Effortless Installation: Installing the Reinforced Linkage is straightforward, requiring minimal effort and no specialized tools. Easily enhance your bike's durability and performance without prolonged downtime.

Ride with Confidence

Prepare your SurRon or Segway X260 for extreme rides and challenging terrains. Our Reinforced Linkage is the key to fortifying your bike's suspension system, ensuring endurance without sacrificing performance.

Elevate your riding experience today. Order the Reinforced Linkage and unlock the strength and resilience your SurRon or Segway X260 deserves. Trust in durability with Two Wheels Empire – where toughness meets performance. Your SurRon, strengthened for every adventure.


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