Yamaha E-Bike Tuning Kits

We offer a range of eBike tuning kits designed for Yamaha motors, covering various models like PW-X, PW-X2, PW-ST, PW-TE, PW-CE, PW-SE, PW-X3, and PW-S2. To ensure you choose the right kit, check your eBike's specifications for the exact motor model before ordering.

Our top recommendations are:

  • Volspeed V3 for Yamaha, which offers a set speed limit to avoid any errors.
  • Speedbox 3.1 for Yamaha , which offers unlimited speed.
  • Badass box for Yamaha, which is a mechanical tuning kit mounted on your speed sensor.

Please note: These kits are not compatible with Giant brand eBikes (check out our Giant collection for suitable options).

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