Quadlock - Case and Mount for any occasion

Quadlock - Case and Mount for any occasion


Quadlock is the leading manufacturer of phone cases and mounts to use for any enthusiast of active lifestyle.

Quad Lock Bicycle stem mount

Featuring a patented dual-stage lock, you can ride with confidence over bumps and jumps knowing that your iPhone isn’t going anywhere your bike isn’t.

Simply twist and lock to view apps such as Strava®, MapmyRide or Google Maps as you ride. Detach just as easily so you don’t miss a photo opportunity or important phone call.

The tough, polycarbonate core and impact absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell protects your iPhone from everyday activities. With a slim profile and soft touch material, it is perfect for everyday use.

Bicycle mounts   ensure the top notch protection of your bike and comfort to establish the journey to the premium ride experience, but wait, that's not all!

Quadlock ensures the usability of the mounts for every active person, in this manner, cycling is not the only activity where you can find the Quadlock to be a great fit. 

Quadlock case on motorcycle

Motorcycle mounts  are the choice for any outrider who strives for adventure and keeping a good pace record of your rides and also let's not forget the importance of navigation. Even if it's fun to get lost in the wilderness, keep in mind that being lost should be fun, not stressing about that last liter of fuel in the tank. 

Phones are prone to motorcycle vibration damage - this is the worst part of having a bad mount and a case combination - but have no fear, Quadlock has the key tool to erase any fears about the damages done to the phone. Vibration dampeners are greatest thing ever, not only is your phone well protected, but you also get that nice, stylish mount adapter to brag about. 

Quadlock car mount

And where two wheels can't take you, four will help you! Quadlock has not forgotten the benefits of riding your car, of course, the same adventures can be taken with your good old four wheeled friend. But here comes the question of the ages - where to put that phone to see the navigation?

Driving safe is the priority of any driver but driving safe and have the gear to aid you is a step up! Also did I mention that hip wireless charging head, this provides you with that one stone for two birds. No more searching for cables or trying to find that sweet USB plug in spot, it's time to ride.

In conclusion it's easy to say that the Quadlock is the leading product in cases and mounts for every active lifestyle lover, one case to fit them all! One of the rare cases where price meets the quality at the best level, choose the best fit for you and if you need an upgrade, just find the correct mount and off you go!


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