Rubbee X Troubleshooting guide

Rubbee X Troubleshooting guide

If you desire your bicycle to emit a delightful electric 'buzz,' opting for RubbeeX would be an excellent decision! :)
If you've got one but encountered certain challenges, we've compiled a roster of scenarios and remedies that we've chosen to craft and share to help you understand how RubbeeX works better.

And if you can't find a solution here, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you! 😊

Why my RubbeeX makes all that noise?

Rubbee X is made for urban commuting. It works with MTB bikes in mountains, or any other roads/paths with off-road tires, etc. However, it‘s more suitable for city cycling. Rubbee is a friction drive which means the off-road tire would also bring some more sound due to the grip between it and the roller of the device and it may become a bit noisier during wet weather conditions. The roller material is designed to conserve the tire as much as possible, but the tire can wear off 10-20% faster. So this might explain the noise. In any case it is generally recommended to change bicycle tires every 2000-3000 km so we recommend to follow this rule. Cool fact – our roller material is also used in high-end sports cars suspensions !

Does Rubbee X slip on the tire?

In most cases, it does not slip. There are 3 key reasons why.

  • Electronic anti-slip control. If slipping is detected, the motor torque modulates similarly to how the ABS system works in a car.
  • Active suppression system. Rubbee X is pushed to the tire not only by its weight, but also with a 200N pneumatic cylinder.
  • Special roller. Both material, shape and surface texture of the roller is optimized for increasing grip in all weather conditions.

Why my RubbeeX is not charging?

First thing to check if there is a green light on the charger when plugged in.

RubbeeX comes with an EU charger plug, if You are using the UK adapter - make sure it has an output 230V.

My RubbeeX is ON, but why does it not add any power at all?

First thing to check is if the cadence sensor is connected to the device. If RubbeeX is not active for some time - the cadence sensor falls asleep (battery saving mode) and it needs to reconnect with the device. Just turn everything off, wait a minute and turn everything ON again. Move the pedal to initiate connection with the sensor and You’re good to go again.

Another thing to make sure is that the cadence sensor is mounted correctly. In the picture below, green mark shows the regular position, and blue – is the alternative sensor position. The most important thing - the face of the sensor with the “R” logo must always be facing right (if You look from a sitting rider position):


If the cadence sensor is in correct position but Rubbee still does not work - check if the sensor connects to the device itself:

Please open the sensor, take out the battery, turn ON RubbeeX, and then insert the battery back into the sensor.

Check if Rubbee reacts (connects) when the battery is installed back to the sensor.

You’ll find a CR2032 battery in the cadence sensor that needs changing from time to time. When changing - make sure that a new battery is inserted with the positive side facing up and that there’s no protective stickers left of the battery (it might be transparent).

The last possible cause of RubbeeX not working from the start could be Your bicycles rear tyre type. Tubeless tire creates some static electricity interference thus making the RubbeeX non-responsive. Unfortunately RubbeeX won’t work in this case, but manufacturers are working on the solution already. If You have RubbeeX already and a tubeless tire, maybe changing the tire for a tubed one is something You could do.

My RubbeeX is too hot!

Surfaces are expected to be hot because those plates are made to cool the motor down. If at any point temperature exceeds limits (either the motor or the batteries), the app will inform You about it by saying “too hot for motor”.

In cases like that the device will reduce the power as an automatic anti-cooling system will kick in. Just give it some time to cool down.

You could also check for the new updates on RubbeeX App (Android only). Two main updates are for:

1. Thermal management. The device will better control its temperature to avoid critical overheating (not to reach cut-off temperatures);
2. Sensor connectivity. More stable connection between the sensor and the RubbeeX.


How to update:

First thing to do - put RubbeeX to charge (it must be plugged in during the whole process) and then open the dedicated app (make sure that Bluetooth and GPS location permissions for the app are allowed). You’ll see an update request on the main app screen. After it’ll be finished, please take the sensor and connect it with the RubbeeX, another update request will appear on the main screen.

What should be done if the pneumatic spring has been released from the bike?

There’s a simple trick to push it back in.

  • Stand Rubbee on “the nose” vertically onto the ground;
  • Press the release handle with the thumb (so the “hook” is free to latch on);
  • Push the whole device vertically into the ground.

NOTE! The pneumatic spring is stiff (200N power!), so please use Your strength.


My app says ''cannot connect to the sensor'' or ''unfortunately Rubbee has stopped''

Check the connection with the cadence sensor and the CR2032 battery inside.

If the problem is only with the app - delete the app from the smartphone and reinstall it again, don’t forget to give Bluetooth and GPS location permissions to it. Make sure that the Android OS version is 8.1 or later, because the app does not work on 8.0 and older. Unfortunately there is no RubbeeX App developed on iOS yet.

RubbeeX lands on the tire when riding

You can drive with it raised, but only on a flat easy road. Otherwise it is not recommended since the RubbeeX itself is quite heavy, plus extra batteries add weight, so the lock may not support the whole weight of the device while driving. The product is designed so that its natural position of use is lowered down on the tire. The locking mechanism is only for removing the product from the bike.

Why RubbeeX is not helping me enough uphill

Let's talk about how RubbeeX works: it's all about your pedalling speed, not just pushing hard. It is a cadence-based device. Imagine this: going up a hill or through mud, if you pedal slower, you might feel like the motor isn't helping much. But if you change gears on your bike and find a comfy pedalling speed, the motor kicks in strong, matching your pedalling rhythm. So, whether you're facing a hill or a tough trail, just remember: your pedalling speed is like a key that unlocks the road ahead.

Can I easily change the batteries if I am on a ride already?

Modules are easy to install but are not designed to be "swapped on the go". After additional modules are installed - make sure everything is charged equally: One battery module gives about 10miles (16km) of pedal assisted riding. RubbeeX itself must be charged fully to equal the charge of battery modules. It takes 45 minutes per module to recharge.

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