Things You Should Know About Bosch Ebike Tuning

Things You Should Know About Bosch Ebike Tuning

Bosch E-Bike motors are one of the most popular among all other brands in the E-Bike industry and a very frequent question in regards to how to derestrict the motor, providing the lack of information around the web we have all you need right here!

Mechanical or Electronic

The first choice you need to make is the choice of tuning kit itself, there are two types of these - mechanical and electronic tuning kits. First of all the mechanical tuning kit is much simpler in its design and often involves magnets that give the speed sensor a different kind of data which allows the tuning kit to give a bigger speed limit to your e-bike. But there are some drawbacks regarding the mechanical tuning kits - one of the most important ones are the reliability, although most are made with great precision and effective parts, most are plastic ones and in our experience, they fail pretty easily. That’s why we choose only the best provider - BadassBox these tuning kits are reliable and easy to install, they give you a greatly increased speed limit and that's most of what you need from a tuning kit. Although they can’t provide any bluetooth functions or data tracking themselves.

On the other hand there is a huge crowd of electronic tuning kits, some have varied features and popularity and those we choose are the leaders in the industry. So let’s begin with SpeedBox

Easy assembly of the SpeedBox is the number one indicator of a buyer's choice, the installation is just a plug and play. No need for any kind of setup or software editing. Once it’s plugged you are good to go! Some minor drawbacks can be that in some rare cases you can get errors with the motor, but an easy fix for that is driving some miles without the tuning kit. This solves all of the problems. 

On the other side of the barricades we have another great manufacturer - VOLSpeed, now these tuning kits come straight from Germany so their quality is as clear as a day. VOLSpeed requires installation and setup which are on a moderate difficulty level but the tuning kit itself is error-proof and great build quality. VOLSpeed provides speed increase at a new limit of 50(km/h) while this is a lower level than the SpeedBox unlimited speed ability, the VOLSpeed Has some great customization features in the tuning kit itself, so that's worth checking out!

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