What Does It mean to Derestrict an Electric Bike?

What Does It mean to Derestrict an Electric Bike?

Derestricting an electric bike involves removing the pedal assistance limit that restricts the bike from exceeding a speed of 20 mph. This limit is imposed to prevent the bike's motor from utilizing its full power, which would otherwise surpass the set speed. Derestricting, also known as tuning, is achievable because the electric bike's speed limit is a result of manufacturer settings. By altering these settings, the bike can utilize the full potential of its motor.


When the pedal assistance system is active, it regulates the bike's speed as it approaches the 20 mph limit. Once this limit is reached, the e-bike continues functioning, but the motor ceases to provide additional assistance in acceleration. For instance, during downhill rides, speeds might exceed 20 mph naturally, but the bike won't assist in surpassing this predefined limit.

Since the motor's power output depends on the rider's pedaling speed, it can be manipulated to perceive a different speed. If you wish to surpass the 25 km/h speed limit, the electric bike's system needs to be deceived into reading a slower speed despite traveling faster. This forms the basis for most derestriction options available.

An electric bike is derestricted by installing a compact electronic device between the wheel's sensor magnet and the speed-calculating computer. This device alters the signals received by the computer, prompting it to calculate a lower speed. Consequently, the system reads this slower speed and refrains from triggering the limit, allowing the motor to continue assisting at speeds exceeding 25 km/h. This principle underlines the process of tuning e-bikes.

There's a common misconception among many e-bike riders that derestriction enhances the motor's power suddenly. This belief is incorrect. Derestricting an electric bike doesn't amplify the motor's power; rather, it enables the bike to reach higher speeds. It achieves this by preventing the bike's system from detecting the higher speed, bypassing the prescribed 25 km/h limit. In essence, it doesn't alter the motor's capacity; it simply circumvents the speed limit.

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