Why my tuning kit does not work after installation? Brose and Brose Specialized motors

Why my tuning kit does not work after installation? Brose and Brose Specialized motors

Hey there, fellow eBike enthusiasts!

One thing that might be causing a bit of anxiety for all of you is the question, "Did I buy the right tuning kit?" or "What did I do wrong that it's not working for me, but worked for my mate?” Most of the time, that anxiety goes away once you take your first test ride and realise everything was done just as it should be. We all want that joy, right? But however, some of you still experience a bit of brain fog when it doesn’t work, even though installation instructions were followed step by step.

I totally understand, some of You find tuning kit fitting instructions not as clear as they could be. That's where this blog comes with a few recommendations for checking things at home based on the solutions we've found for specific tuning kits. In order to avoid any extra stress and to save Your time, I hope you'll find some answers here quicker :)

Here's a couple of tuning kits I'm focusing on:

My advice is take photos before You unplug any original wires, it will make the whole process of installing the connectors back - less questionable! Connectors from the tuning kit to the motor must be installed facing the same direction like the original plug was. Tuning kit fits between cables as the communication extension. You won't do any damage to the bike if You plug the HMI connector 180 degrees incorrectly, but it works only when plugged in the correct side. If Your HMI connector has 4 pins, but the connector from the tuning kit has 5 pins - do not worry about that, it depends on the model MY years and it works just fine when connected together.

Now what comes to speed sensor 2pin connector - it is highly recommended to make sure it is plugged in correctly. It may result in instant speed sensor error on Your display if You proceed powering ON. Signal does not cut, but it is sent completely in the opposite direction. It is not recommended to take the bike for a test ride with the error. 

A perfect example of INCORRECT 2pin connector installed:

And then this...

 This problem can be easily fixed after the 2 pin is removed and plugged back turned around 180 angle.

But why are the HMI connector colors of my bike different from the tuning kit?

There are many different eBike models out there, but when we talk about Brose Specialized and other Brose motors - tuning kit manufacturers use basic Brose motor colors and it is okay if some of them differ. 


Mostly You’ll see 2 basic coloured wires from 2pin speed sensor plug:



or Black/grey. 


Black never changes!


Installation must be questioned first in all cases when the tuning kit doesn’t work from the start, photos before and after will save Your time and we will ask for them basically in every case in order to help You to fix it. If it stopped working but was functioning absolutely without any issues for some time - that will be discussed on another blog. 

Always YouTube out the installation video of Your product if instructions are not enough, or send us some photos - we are always ready to guide You! :) Remember, we want nothing more than for you to have a fantastic eBike experience with your new tuning kit. Let's make sure you're riding with a big smile on your face! Happy eBiking! 😊🚴‍♂️

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