Fazua motor SpeedFun FURIOUS Tuning Derestriction Kit eBike motor

Derestrict your e-bike for 30 mph (50 km/h) speeds!


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Tuning kit is Compatible with FAZUA MOTORS

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 SpeedFun FURIOUS Tuning Kit Compatible with all eBikes that have Fazua motor

“Easy to fit and the bike flies now. Many thanks” - Mark

Product Features

SpeedFun FURIOUS for Fazua is a revolutionary tuning kit which suppresses the speed limiter of your electric bike. 

After installing your SpeedFun, the display will show half speed and relative data making it possible, by simply multiplying in mind by two, the calculation of the actual speed and miles or kilometers traveled.

The motor's electric assistance switches off when reaching 30mph (50kph)

Your tuning kit will be activated with the activation of your eBike.

Please be Aware to choose the Correct option you need:
Fazua tuning kit - it is included only Fazua Tuning kit.
Fazua tuning kit & container lid - It is included Fazua Tuning kit and Container Lid.
Container lid - only Container Lid is included.

***You could choose tuning kit together with container lid  that has been specially designed by SpeedFun to obtain a container for the Furious release device and, at the same time, to protect against water splashes caused by the rotation of the wheel in the “connectors” area of ​​the Fazua gear-box***

Because of the very little space available has been created this special crankcase that, thanks to its shape, will facilitate the installation of any unlocking device, allowing you more space and avoiding having to lower the engine to insert the device into the frame.

All tuning kits come complete with an instruction manual, you can also find a video tutorial below. 
If you have any questions regarding the setup please do not hesitate in contacting us, we are happy to help. 

Will SpeedFun Tuning Kit work with my eBike?

This tuning kit is compatible with all these listed eBikes that have Fazua Motor: Pinarello Nytro E-Road Bike, Lombardo E-Mugello Road, Cube Agree Hybrid C:62, Whistle Flow, Bianchi E-Doardo, Fantic Passo Giau, Focus Project Y, Maserati MC Corse, Atala E-Road Flow, Bottecchia BE 90 Pulsar E-Road carbon, Focus Raven 2, Whistle E-Road Flow,Cairn e-bike, Focus Paralane² e-road and Boardman ADV 8.9E Adventure Electric Bike. 


When connecting the SpeedFun chip to an eBike you will find connectors colored to make installation very simple. We have prepared detailed instructions and videos to make installation easy for you. Disassembly of our tuning chip is just as easy. If you have any troubles with installation or disassembly, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are planning to install SpeedFun on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 0.6 miles (1 km) before the chip is activated.

Find the installation video here


Please note that the operation of this type of modified electric bikes on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use SpeedFun products. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedFun products are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedFun products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of SpeedFun may void the warranty of your eBike.

We strongly recommend using other safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries in higher speeds.

SpeedFun Products are thoroughly tested and we stand by their quality. 

If You have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for looking!
Two Wheels Empire Team

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Easy to install.

Safe for your e-bike.


Unlock the full potential of your ebike!

  • You will ride faster and experience the thrills of owning a derestricted ebike -you will love the difference!
  • Install it effortlessly- quick plug-and-play connection - no setup required.
  •  Feel safe for your e-bike and warranty- it's safe for ebike and undetectable to keep your warranty safe!

Quick plug-and-play installation. No setup!

  • Increase the speed limiter from original 16 mph (25km/h) for a new (30mph 50km/h) speed limit!
  • See accurate speed on your ebike display!
  • Enable/disable when needed!
  • Get after-sales support from us!/li>

The bike feels completely different once derestricted - it's just like a whole different bike! The rides are so much more fun now! Tuning kits are safe to your bike and every ebiker should have one installed! You will love riding your ebike with it - guaranteed!

Matt - Owner of Two Wheels Empire

How to install and use it?

Tuning kit is Compatible with FAZUA MOTORS

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