BadassBox 4 Bosch X-set 2014 - 2023 motors

Derestrict your e-bike to reach speeds up to 25mph (40km/h)

Compatible with all ebike Bosch Motors that have a specific sensor in the dropout!. Please refer to the sensor pictures!

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Compatible with all ebike Bosch Motors

Unlock the full potential of your ebike!

  • You will ride faster and experience the thrills of owning a derestricted ebike -you will love the difference!
  • Install it effortlessly - easy and fast installation!
  •  Feel safe for your e-bike and warranty - it's safe for ebike and undetectable to keep your warranty safe!

BadassBox 4 Bosch X-set 2014 - 2023 motors
BadassBox 4 Bosch X-set 2014 - 2023 motors

Quick plug-and-play installation. No setup!

  • Increase the speed limiter from original 16 mph (25km/h) up to 25mph (40km/h) speed limit!
  • Fully undetectable! After BadassBox removal there is no way to tell if it has been used on your e-bike!
  • Get after-sales support from us and a two year warranty from BadassBox!


The bike feels completely different once derestricted - it's just like a whole different bike! The rides are so much more fun now! Tuning kits are safe to your bike and every ebiker should have one installed! You will love riding your ebike with it - guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The badassBox is attached to the speed sensor of the e-bike and overrides the 16 mph (25 km/h) speed limit - you can expect to reach speeds of up to 25 mph (40km/h) , depending on the bike and gearing. Your displayed speed will be 2 times slower than your real speed. We recommend the use of GPS-related accessories for a more precise data acquisition of driving data (smartphone, bike computer, etc.).

The contactless and wireless badassBox transmits a modified speed signal in order to override the speed limit of your e-bike – without interfering with the motor's electronic circuitry or software. There's no need to open the motor and there is no risk of damaging it, the BadassBox can be fitted or removed in seconds.

If this sensor of your Bosch motor - as shown in the picture below - is integrated into your bike, then the badassBox4 Bosch X-Set is exactly what you need.

Your speed sensor should look like this:

Attention, you need this set only if the Bosch Sensor (first picture) is integrated in the dropout of your bike.

If the integrated sensor looks like the one in the picture below, then it is the G4 Speed Sensor and you need the BadassBox 4 Bosch G4-Set

This set contains everything you need for assembly the badassBox 4 for your e-bike with Bosch mid-mounted motor and Bosch Sensor integrated in the dropout. A quality product designed, engineered and manufactured by us in Germany. The assembly requires a small conversion. Please read the instructions on the left before ordering!
The delivery includes the following parts:
- one badassBox 4 Bosch
- one badassBox 4 housing cover
- one AAA battery
- one spoke magnet with thumb screw
- one Universal Adapter
- a pad made of elastic foam
- one M5 nut
- one washer
- one cylinder screw
- four cable ties

The integrated Bosch Sensor is located in the area of the dropout. To get to the sensor you have to dismount the rear wheel.

Find the position of the integrated sensor* in the dropout of your e-bike. *The sensor shape shown is an example.

Undo the screws of the bracket that holds the sensor* is fastened to the dropout. *The sensor shape shown is an example.

Fasten the Universal Adapter with cylinder head screw, washer and nut (included in delivery) to the Bosch Sensor*. *The sensor shape shown is an example.

Now you can attach the Universal Adapter with mounted Bosch Sensor* on the chainstay with supplied cable ties. *The sensor shape shown is an example.

Slide the badassBox onto the adapter until it clicks into place. Reinstall the rear wheel. Mount the spoke magnet and align it with the edge of the badassBox housing. That's it. Have fun with your faster e-bike!

Please note that the operation of this type of modified electric bikes on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of Badass Box products. Electric bikes equipped with Badass Box products are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with Badass Box products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of Badass Box products may void the warranty of your ebike.

We strongly recommend using other safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries in higher speeds.

Badass Box products are thoroughly tested and we stand by their quality - Badass Box provides 2 years warranty to all their products.

In case of updating the software of your e-bike, uninstall the tuning kit from the e-bike first, update the software and reinstall tuning kit back. Product's warranty does not cover eBike software updates. We recommend to contact us before updating the software.

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