CST CM-708 70/100-19 Tire

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The CM708/CM709 is the latest motocross tyre from CST, perfect for intermediate terrains. Designed for MX riders and being chosen as an OE on the Sur-Ron Youth Electric motocross bike, the CM708/CM709 is the perfect combination for a wider range of terrains.

Designed to excel in intermediate terrains, the new motocross tyre offers excellent traction and precise handling on maximum speeds. The tough construction provides improved longevity and extreme braking traction through intermediate conditions.

  • Enhanced shoulder design and connection between blocks that improves tire traction and provides excellent braking
  • Flexible turning performance and optimum cornering stability
  • Powerful bite thanks to the tread blocks in the centre
  • Special sip design on blocks to ensure excellent performance and durability
  • Perfect for intermediate terrains  

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