Hope V4 Vented Disc 220mm

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The Hope Tech V4 Vented Floating disc brake rotor is the ultimate in rotor technology - Only compatible with Hope Tech V4 braking systems due to it's extra width.

If you're tackling the most insane of descents, you're going to need the very best in braking performance - enter the Hope V4 Vented rotor, a revolution in rotor design that's purely for use with the Hope Tech V4 braking system.

Borrowing the same floating design as the other rotors in the Hope line-up for longevity and durability, this rotor consists of two discs with a space in-between allowing air to flow through freely, Hope have even incorporated an internal fin design to aid air-flow, drawing cool air in. This design results in a 15% difference in temperature between as standard floating rotor and this V4 vented rotor from Hope.

Because of this design you're 15% less likely to experience brake fade due to heat build-up and thus you can brake harder and later into the corners to gain the edge over your competition. It's water dispersal capabilities are noteworthy too thanks to it's capability of clearing the water layer through the internal fins.
Interested in endless, mind-blowing descents? This is clearly the disc brake rotor for you.

  • CNC machined and laser cut in Barnoldswick, England
  • All parts made and hand assembled in house
  • Available in 203mm and 220mm
  • Only compatible with V4 caliper

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