LED Double Headlight Kit for the Surron Light Bee

Regular price£127.85

Does twice as much light mean twice as safe at night?
We can't guarantee that, but every bit helps - you may want to be visible and see everything even in the darkness of woods at night. This double LED headlight upgrade to replace original front light of Sur-Ron / Segway is just the ticket.

LED's are by far the most cost and energy effective light sources that you can put on your bike - they won't drain your battery as quick, don't heat up too much and if you do any riding offroad at night, you will be extremely happy with every lumen of light you can get!

Includes mounting bracket, on/off switch & the front light
IP67 waterproof
Compatible with stock wiring on the offroad (X) version of the Surron Light Bee. If you have the road-going (L1E) version, you will need a headlight kit with rectangular connectors.


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