Magura MT7 PRO, 1-finger HC lever blade (set brake + caliper)

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Magura MT7 Pro – First choice for Gravity riders

The hydraulic Magura MT7 Pro disc brake has proven itself in countless competitions. The ergonomically optimised 1-finger HC aluminium brake lever blade ensures an ideal braking feel and, in combination with the 4-piston brake caliper (not included), provides the best possible braking performance.

The brake lever housing is made of Magura's tried and tested Carbotecture® SL material, a composite material made of polymers and embedded carbon fibres. This combination makes the brake lever in Flip-Flop design not only light, but also extremely resistant.

In addition, the radial master design reduces friction and enables small as well as large transmission ratios. This not only minimises transmission losses, but also makes the brake more sensitive and easier to dose.


Technical details of the Magura MT7 Pro brake lever

  • range of use: Downhill, Enduro, E-MTB
  • brake lever: Carbotecture® SL
  • brake lever blade: aluminium, 1-finger, HC (Hard Core)
  • Flip-Flop design (can be mounted on both sides)
  • reach adjust: toolless
  • BAT (bite adjust): no (optionally retrofittable)
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): yes
  • brake fluid: Magura Royal Blood (mineral oil based)
  • Shift Mix: yes (optional)
  • Remote Mix: yes (optional)

Carbotecture® SL

Compared to Magura's conventional Carbotecture® material, a mixture of high-tech polymers and carbon or glass fibers, for Carbotecture® SL medium-length carbon fibers are integrated into the polyamides instead of short ones in order to further increase resistance and reduce weight at the same time. Carbotecture® SL offers significant advantages over the classic lightweight material aluminum: It is just as tensile and break-resistant with more than 50 % less weight.



  • brake caliper: Magura MT7 (from model year 2015 on)
  • hose: Magura Disctube

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