Rubbee Second Bike Kit

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Own multiple bikes and would like to use Rubbee X on all of them? It’s easy ! This kit includes the wireless sensor and lock mechanism. It allows to switch Rubbee X instantly from one bike to another. Sensor comes with CR2032 battery pre-installed.

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Good quality product, very easy to use and remove from bike to charge and use bike as normal

- David L.



Modular battery system

Choose how much performance and range You need from your ebike conversion kit. Installing additional batteries will increase the assisted range, speed and assistance power.

rubbee eletric bike conversion kit
rubbee eletric bike conversion kit

Completely wireless system

Thanks to the wireless cadence sensor, electric bike conversion is easy and pedal assist will be enabled as soon as you start pedaling. The only wireless electric bike kit.

Easy installation

Easiest to install electric bike motor kit on the market. Install and remove Rubbee within seconds. Detachable ebike conversion kit – completely portable and wireless.

rubbee eletric bike conversion kit
rubbee eletric bike conversion kit

Interactive rear light

Monitor battery level and be visible on the road thanks to the bright LED rear light located at the back of the electric bike kit.

Regenerative braking

Activate regenerative braking by the turning pedals backwards and charge the ebike conversion kit with battery while going downhill or braking. Customizable regen braking strength.

rubbee eletric bike conversion kit
rubbee eletric bike conversion kit

Multiple assist levels

Select the electric pedal assist level that you require. Three assist modes are available depending on the amount of batteries installed. Go further and faster.

Smartphone application

Monitor system status, control electric pedal assist parameters and download over-the-air firmware updates via the smartphone app.

rubbee eletric bike conversion kit
rubbee eletric bike conversion kit

Anti-slip control

The electric bike kit is based on efficient friction drive motor. Active suppression system and electronic anti-slip control algorithm ensures good grip in any weather conditions.


Wheel size
16-29 inch wheel
Tire width
0.5-2.5 inch wide tire
Seat tube diameter
Ø 22-35 mm seatpost
Frame type
Any frame type (inc. suspension)

Technical specifications

rubbee technical specification

Rubbee X Tech Specs

Battery (base model) Battery Battery
Assistance levels ECO ECO/CRUISE ECO/CRUISE/POWER (off-road)
Speed 25 kmh / 16 mph 25 km/h / 16 mph 32 km/h / 20 mph
Power 250W 250W 350W
Range 16 km / 10 mi 32 km / 20 mi 48 km / 30 mi
Charge 1 h 2 h 3 h
Weight 2.8 kg / 6.1 lbs 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs 4.0 kg / 8.8 lbs
rubbee battery technical specification

Battery Tech Specs

Voltage 36 V
Capacity 93,6 Wh
Weight 0.6 kg / 1,3 lbs
Chemistry Li-Ion
Battery life 1000 cycles

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