SpeedBox 1.2 for Bosch (Smart System + Rim Magnet)

Derestrict your e-bike for 22mph (35 km/h) speed

Compatible with all Bosch Smart System with Rim Magnet. Not compatible with with e-bikes with Bosch ABS system and regular magnets. Maximum speed: 35 km/h recommended

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tuning module for the Bosch Smart System with Rim Magnet. Compatible with all Bosch drive systems that are equipped with the Smart System and Rim Magnet whose motor support ends at 25km/h (15.5mph) from the factory. Does not work with ABS system and normal spoke magnet bikes.

To activate all the functions of the SpeedBox correctly, it is necessary to enter the menu after the first switching on of the e-bike after the tuning installation and switch to the circumference of the wheel of your e-bike.

Activate/deactivate the tuning before the ride (when the e-bike is standing still), not during riding!

You will activate the SpeedBox 1.2 tuning directly on your e-bike’s control unit by activating the WALK assist function shortly (holding down the “-” button). Your e-bike display will show a value of 3.5 km/h (2.2 mph) and from now on you will be able to ride up to 35 km/h or more.

To deactivate the tuning, activate the WALK assist function shortly again (by holding down the “-” button). Your e-bike display will show a value of 2.5 km/h (1.6 mph) and the speed limit will be reset to 25 km/h. Your e-bike will then work the same as before the tuning installation.

SpeedBox was also designed for e-bikes that do not have the WALK assist function enabled, or activated. In this case, you can activate/deactivate tuning by switching between two assistance modes twice, i.e. by pressing the - + - + buttons.

You can set the maximum speed limit by switching the modes from TURBO mode three levels down and then three levels up: eMTB - TOUR+ - ECO - TOUR+ - eMTB - TURBO. An actual speed limit will be displayed after that. The maximum speed of an electric assistance can be switched by activating WALK assist function shortly or by turning the rear wheel 360°. The value of 2.5 km/h on the display corresponds with the limit of 25 km/h, 3.0 corresponds with 30 km/h, 3.5 corresponds with 35 km/h etc. The last displayed limit will be saved after 15 seconds of inactivity.

After finishing the ride, leave the e-bike on for a while until the SpeedBox finishes the "countdown" process (the ride time will continue on the display until it stops and shows the correct distance traveled) to prevent tuning detection on your e-bike.

This tuning kit is compatible with Bosch Smart System with Rim Magnet. Not compatible with with e-bikes with Bosch ABS system and regular spoke magnets.

When connecting Tuning Kit to an e-bike you will find connectors colored to make installation very simple. We have prepared detailed instructions to make installation easy for you. Disassembly of our tuning kit is just as easy. If you have any troubles with installation or disassembly, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are planning to install Speedbox on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 0.6 miles (1 km) before the tuning kit is activated.

Installation Guide:

Please note that the operation of this type of modified electric bikes on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use Speedbox products. Electric bikes equipped with Speedbox products are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with Speedbox products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of Speedbox may void the warranty of your ebike.

We strongly recommend using other safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries in higher speeds.
Speedbox Products are thoroughly tested and we stand by their quality. Speedbox provide 2 years warranty to all their Products!

In case of updating the software of your e-bike, uninstall the tuning kit from the e-bike first, update the software and reinstall tuning kit back. Product's warranty does not cover eBike software updates. We recommend to contact us before updating the software.

Unlock the full potential of your ebike!

  • You will ride faster and experience the thrills of owning a derestricted ebike -you will love the difference!
  • Install it effortlessly- quick plug-and-play connection - no setup required.
  •  Feel safe for your e-bike and warranty- it's safe for ebike and undetectable to keep your warranty safe!

SpeedBox 1.2 for Bosch (Smart System + Rim Magnet)
SpeedBox 1.2 for Bosch (Smart System + Rim Magnet)

Quick plug-and-play installation. No setup!

  • Increase the speed limiter from original 16 mph (25km/h) to 22 mph (35 km/h)!
  • Enable/disable when needed! Just press ' - + - +' sequence or WALK button
  • Get after-sales support from us and lifetime warranty from Speedbox


The bike feels completely different once derestricted - it's just like a whole different bike! The rides are so much more fun now! Tuning kits are safe to your bike and every ebiker should have one installed! You will love riding your ebike with it - guaranteed!

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