Sur Ron Battery 72V 45AH (Samsung q30)

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  Extreme performance demands extreme power. Our Sur-Ron upgrades are hand-assembled with the world’s best components, including laser-cut stainless steel and genuine Samsung Q30 cells. Upgrade your bike and double the capacity for both power and range with a custom Sur-Ron 72v battery.

    The powerhouse battery is laser-welded by hand and assembled in a stainless steel case. Unlike most Sur-Ron battery cases, there is no resin compound inside, so you can easily service and replace components as needed. The powder-coated steel case is fully welded and insulated with a crash-proof design that absorbs vibrations, even when you’re jumping on extreme courses or speeding through rugged terrain.

This extreme mod will make your bike fly at speeds up to 75mph. The 11kw continuous power is so intense that the Sur-Ron’s stock controller can’t handle it! Our custom-built battery can be paired with a Nucular controller, which brings out the best performance in your new battery.

72v, 45ah, 3240wh
11kw continuous, 18kw peak
Authentic lithium cells by Samsung
Insulated, matte black steel case
  • 72V 45AH 3240WH
  • BMS PROTECTION 300Amp discharge & Charge 40Amp
  • 200amp continues discharge, 300amp peak discharge
  • 11kw continous, 18kw peak power
  • Authentic lithium cells by Samsung
  • Stainless steel case. Fully welded & insulated. Powder coated black matt.
  • Bluetooth BMS for improved data monitoring on Android & IOS
  • IP54 waterproof
  • Tempsensors to prevent overheating.
  • Higher 20mm when stock (hardware for battery cap extension supplied)
  • Not compatible with the Sur-Ron stock controller

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