Warp9 220mm floating rear brake disc for the Surron Light Bee

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Warp 9 released their new 220mm floating rotors for E-bike applications!

These are huge upgrades to the stock rotors found on most SurRon and Talaria bikes. For years this has been the standard design in high end motorcycle rotors, and for good reason. Braking performance is always improving and evolving, but with this rotor, you stay ahead of the curve.

A floating rotor has the ability to conform to the brake pads giving maximum rotor to pad contact. This happens even when a relatively small amount of force is applied. Floating brake rotors often lead to more consistent and predictable braking.

Note: 220mm rotors require adapters to be run on any E-bikes. Please check the "brakes" section to find the adapters being sold.

  • 220mm for improved braking power
  • 2-Piece floating design
  • Aluminum black anodized center
  • Stainless Steel floating rivets

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