VOLspeed E-Bike Tuning Kits

VOLspeed, a German company with a track record since 2017, specializes in the development of eBike tuning kits. Their commitment to quality is evident in the use of top-tier components, ensuring durability. VOLspeed offers tuning kits for Bosch Smart System, Bosch & Yamaha motors, and Giant brand eBikes.

Here are three compelling reasons why eBike enthusiasts prefer VOLspeed:

  • Effortless Installation: Their tuning kits are designed for a seamless "plug & ride" experience.
  • Speed Cap: VOLspeed sets a maximum speed of 28mph (45km/h) to enhance safety by minimizing errors.
  • Warranty Assurance: Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty.

Pro Tip: Easily find the kit you need by filtering based on your specific motor type.

Pro Tip: Watch our 'how to choose a tuning kit' video to help you select the right one!

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